The team at Firm Music were asked by Brass Advertising Agency to write a new piece of music to accompany the new TV and Web advertising campaign for luxury bed makers Harrison Spinks.

My brief was to write something of a Hip-hop / American marching band mashup, which would eventually be recorded and played by Hyde Park Brass.

I began writing in my usual way by multi tracking and playing each part individually.

I had to write for specific instrumentation as this would then be replaced by Hyde Park Brass.

2 trumpets

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

2 Trombones


2 Percussion

Once the demos had been approved, I scored out the notation and traveled up to The Firm HQ in Leeds to record the brass.

Here's a behind the scenes of the recording session:

Here's the finished advert:

I loved the sousaphone so much, I went straight to ebay and bought a cheap one from India